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I teach joke and sketch writing classes at Brooklyn Brainery. If the workshops below are sold out,  you can sign up for a VIP* waitlist to get notified about independent workshops. (*me doing marketing.)




What students say:

Thanks so much for this information, Jess, and for leading such an AMAZING class! Megan and I have been brainstorming sketches ever since. - Naomi S.

"Jess - great class yesterday! Very fun. And informative. Probably some other things too, but I feel like those are the two big ones." - Kenneth S.

"I had a total blast! You're hilarious and I would definitely be interested in another class." - Sara K.

“Thanks so much for the fun class. It really demystified sketch comedy for me." - Randle B.

"I took your joke writing class earlier this month (and super duper loved it/was humbled by it/couldn’t stop talking because a new part of my brain was activated and it was hella exciting)." - Shakthi J.

"Your ad-ons had me cracking up!" - Chris P.

"You were SO great, thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm, especially so early in the morning - all the laughs woke me up!" - JoAnn J.

"I've been doing this open mic for beginner comedians, and the woman who runs it chooses people to be in a monthly show with more professional comics. ... I edited one of my sets with your tips--and she noticed and asked me to be in the March show!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited and so happy and so glad I took your class! THANK YOU!!!" - JoAnn J (again).

"I learned so much in such a short amount of time and you did such an awesome job at creating a comfortable, fun atmosphere in the room!" - Christine R.

"I'm putting a submission together for the Late Night Writer's Workshop and your insight helped a ton." - Tori H.

"PLEASE let me know of upcoming advanced sketch classes and I WILL jump on it!!!!!!!!!" - Brandi W.

"Thanks Jess, your class motivated my friend Emily and I to write more comedy together!" - Ryan M.

“Really loved your class! I learned a lot and can’t wait to put these practices into play with some sketch ideas I've had bubbling around in my head for a while.” - Brittany B.

...(really, I thought comedians were brutal?) Thanks for your encouragement!!" - Joanna S.

"Thanks so much for the class, it was really useful. ...Doing those exercises put me back in the headspace to write, which I really, really appreciate." - Jordan S.

"Seriously, you were really good. And your energy is contagious!" - Stephen F.

" three people signed up for your jokes class yesterday after taking sketch writing, they love you!" - Jen Messier, BK Brainery

"Thanks so much, Jessica! I used your advice in my maid of honor speech, and it was a massive success!" - Bridget R.


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